Tips Up, a semi dry hard cider from Stowe Cider

Stowe Cider Tips Up (Semi Dry Hard Cider) Review

Stowe put together a fine hard cider with Tips Up. Smooth and balanced, just as Stowe Cider said it would be.

Tips Up Details


Good flavor and light on the tongue, Tips Up almost feels (and tastes) like bubbly at points. We sampled this Stowe Cider over the course of a weekend and found that it paired well with a few a different meals. It excelled during the Mahi Mahi dish. It easily held it's own with a grilled chicken club sandwich and coleslaw. Tips Up even impressed alongside a Sunday breakfast Eggs Benny.

Quick Notes

Stowe Cider's description of Tips Up

Incredibly smooth & perfectly balanced. Peter meets Paul with a peck. Bob meets Betty with a bushel. They give the apples to Adam. How many apples are in this can? Think it over while drinking this cider. For best results, enjoy this cider in the Spirit of Vermont - cold and in good company.