What Is Scrumpy?

Scrumpy is a type of cider that was originally brewed in England. It is typically made from scrumping apples, which are those that were picked up off the ground and not bought at the market.


A bunch of scrumping apples on the ground in an orchard
Apples for making Scrumpy

Scrumping has fallen out of fashion as more people now buy their fruit rather than scrump it themselves. We'll help you decide if this old-fashioned drink will be something you might want to try.

History of Scrumpy

The history of scrumpy is a bit murky, as it is an old drink that was originally brewed in England. Cidercraft Magazine wants you to know that Scrumpy originated from West Country. Some say that scrumpy is a derivation of the word "scrumptious", which means "delicious". Others believe that scrumpy was actually named after the scrumping apples that were used to make it.

Brewers of scrumpy apple cider would have you know that it's a rough cider and a strong cider. They use traditional methods to properly acheive consistency and quality on this traditional drink. Check out this video on how scrumpy gets fermented.

Definition of Scrump

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, to scrump is, "to steal fruit such as apples from trees". It's good to know that an English dictionary has our back on this one. It's definitely one of those "word of the day" types that used to appear on those learn new words every day style calendars from yesteryear.

What is the difference between Cider and Scrumpy?

Cider is a type of alcoholic drink that is made from apples. It can be either sweet or dry, and can be served either cold or warm. Scrumpy, on the other hand, is a type of cider that is made from scrumping apples. It is typically harsher and more alcoholic than regular cider.

Where can I find a good Scrumpy?

There are a few European and North American scrumpy producers that are worth checking out. One is Harry's Cider, which is based in Herefordshire. Their scrumpy is made from a blend of dessert and cider apples, and it has an alcohol content of 7%. Another producer is Julian Temperley, whose scrumpy has an alcohol content of 8.5%. It is made from a blend of bittersweet and sharp apples. There's also JK's scrumpy hard cider.

Foreign Cideries making Scrumpy

U.S. Cideries making Scrumpy

Places branding with Scrumpy

Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar

That's right. There's a hard cider bar out in Colorado named Scrumpy's. Can't hit the spot harder than that.

Address 215 N College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524

Scrumpy Ewe Cider

This cider brand made sure to include it as the first word in their name. That's as bold as the beverage.

Address 1431 Sawyer Hollow Road, Richmondville, NY 12149

Scrumpy FAQs

Where can you buy Scrumpy?

Your best best is to travel to a cidery near you. If that's not an option, large retailers such as Total Wine and small craft beer stores may also have scrumpy for sale.

How strong is Scrumpy cider?

As previously stated, the alcohol content of scrumpy can vary, but it is typically more alcoholic than regular cider. Scrumpy cider has an alcohol content range of 6-8% ABV typically.

What country is best known for the Scrumpy style of cider?

The United Kingdom. To be more precise, the West of England.